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Big Mic Music Open Mic at the Lil Flea Day 1

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When : Friday, 15th November 2019
Time : 4:00 PM until 6:00 PM
Where : The Lil Flea, Dr E Moses Marg, Royal Western India Turf Club, Mahalakshmi Nagar, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400034
City : Mumbai
Category : Music
The Big mic travels to the Lil Flea this weekend with the Big Mic at The Lil Flea with 70+ slots open for Poetry, Comedy and Music at their lovely performance tent. Original content only so remember to leave your covers for your showers. You'll be part of an amazing line-up of performers so you should take the opportunity to perform in front of hundreds of thousands of people that visit the Lil Flea making it our top venue of the year to showcase your amazing talent.

We love great, original music and strongly believe that such talent be encouraged! We love instrumentalists, freestyle vocalists (with or without accompaniment), percussionists, guitar soloists, rappers, classical purists, feel free to come up to the mic and perform.

Again...original compositions only so please refrain from playing covers.

Available Gear:
-- two microphones/stands
-- Di Box
-- guitar (for anyone not interested in lugging their own)
-- Basic Keyboard.
*Do bring your own instruments if you want*

-Every performer will get 10 minutes of stage time (2 songs per person)
-STRICTLY no backing tracks (unless you are a MC/Rapper performing original music). Performing acapella is welcome.
Look forward to seeing everyone!